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IMPACT Dance Company  is a contemporary dance/theatre company whose mission is to present performances & workshops that speak to issues in our everyday lives. 


Founded by Judy Bejarano in 1995, IMPACT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that utilizes movement, voice and projection to create immersive dance/theatre performances and hand-crafted workshops using the arts as a meaningful bridge between societal & personal challenges. 


IMPACT is further committed, through its engagement and educational activities, to support and nurture the well-being and self-image of all individuals, particularly women and youth, and to celebrate the artistic and cultural diversity of our community.



Artistic Director, Judy Bejarano, a recent recipient of the "Legends of Dance Colorado" award (2020), has an innate gift in the art of storytelling. 


Over the last 25 years, Bejarano has created and produced countless original works including thematic evening-length performances, unique site-specific installations and hand-crafted workshops.

Bejarano finds great beauty in examining the human experience through movement and spoken word.

We believe that the arts are an essential means of sharing stories, building community, and provide a platform for us to be agents of change."                                                   


Intimate & Visceral.

IMPACT is known for creating work that has a strong sense of truth, intimacy and connection.


Bejarano’s work often uses personal narrative to explore universal experience. IMPACT's vast repertoire transports you through diverse topics such as discrimination, immigration, body image, identity, grief/loss & finding "home".


IMPACT dance/theatre performances and workshops allow participants to experience the arts as a meaningful bridge between societal and personal challenges

George Lopez

"One of the nation’s most gifted and inspired choreographers with a soul to get the most out of her dancers."


Artist in Residence,

Bowdoin College



The work is relevant: IMPACT performances and workshops bridge the gap between multiple art disciplines. We push boundaries by incorporating theatre, music, visual art and digital media into our work "on-and-off" stage. 


We believe in the sanctity of the creative process and shared vision of a healthy, inspiring work environment. Bejarano, the company and the talented designers breathe life into each project; creating “not to be missed” events.

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