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Frida! explores the life and work of the Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo. The program features rich and sensual movement, original text and stunning visuals that explore both the tragic and triumphant events that shaped Frida's life. 

"Frida's ability to construct her own identity, flaunt the constricts of what was considered proper in her time and overcome incredible obstacles in her short life provide rich material to draw from." 

-Judy Bejarano



Join IMPACT for a moving biography of this iconic artist. 

Frida! Review

"Bejarano's ability to find the music in texts and to embolden words through movement is truly a remarkable thing to behold."

                                                          -Salt Magazine

Her life was not simple, and the choreography reflects that complexity with deep emotion."

Michelle Venus


Frida! Review

"This biography honored and revived Frida as the window for Dia de los Muertos began to open in 2016. The mexican culture believes that we die three deaths: The first one is when the heart ceases to beat, the second when the body is lowered into the earth, and the third when no one remains who remembers you. 

Thank you, Judy Bejarano and IMPACT Dance Company for keeping Frida Kahlo alive."

                                              - Presenting Denver

photo mar 25, 10 57 41 pm.jpg

Thought provoking.   
At times,  
heart rending.

American Lullaby



American Lullaby was born in response to the political and social climate that exists in our country. Through movement, projected image and live text, the performance draws parallels between times in history where the "other" was marginalized, where turmoil brought about change and reflects on how the past influences our present. 

The audience will be immersed in a montage of images, topics and most especially, rich movement that illuminates our heritage of diversity and our connection to one another. 

American Lullaby explores the topics of immigration,
misogyny, racism, and nationalism with grace and beauty.

American Lullaby
photo mar 25, 10 59 29 pm.jpg

Michelle Venus

Ultimately the message is about hope. Hope and love. Love of country; love for each other; love of a life remembered with fond nostalgia, perhaps tinted with a rosy glow. But more than that, the final message is that we can have the life we long for, because we have the power to enact change." 

Every Voie Matters

Ian Meyers
5th Grade

Sunrise Elementary 
in Colorado Springs

Community             Engagement

“Every Voice Matters” (EVM) is an integrated arts workshop model presented to a variety of community and school populations. EVM uses writing, visual art and movement to help participants identify what is important to them and to give them a creative avenue to express their thoughts.


Workshops are customized to fit into each program’s curriculum, drawing upon essays, poems and memoirs that participants have written as a jumping off point for art and dance. EVM is currently in its 12th year and participants have included school programs, women’s groups, summer conferences, masters of dance education programs and more.

Additionally, part of IMPACT’s outreach mission is to train educators to use the EVM model. We strive to provide teachers with the tools they need to feel confident in their own movement, as well as in their ability to create movement opportunities throughout the day with students.





Paul Maley
4th & 5th Grade Music Class
Grandview Elementary in Windsor

“Everyone has beliefs that shape who they are,
and every voice matters.”



Master Classes

IMPACT offers workshops and classes for both the trained dancer and the untrained mover. Movement is how we learn, grieve and celebrate. Whether to music, spoken word or to silence, it allows us to process emotions and better understand our world.

IMPACT’s professionally trained dancers are expertly skilled and certified in many different dance styles. We offer Master Classes in Modern, Contemporary, Ballet, Barre Fitness, HipHop, Pilates, Tap, Choreography, Improvisation, Repertory and Yoga!

Come Dance With Us!




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