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IMPACT loves to offer workshops and classes for both the trained dancer and the untrained mover. Whether to music, spoken word or to silence, movement allows us to process emotions and better understand our world. We experience movement from the first moment of existence and it carries through our lives; enriching our experiences and relationships. Movement is how we learn, grieve and celebrate. Our lives are enhanced when movement is integrated into daily experience!

Classes & Outreach



@ Canyon Concert Ballet  

1031 Conifer St.

Fort Collins, CO 80524

Monday's evenings

“Fly through space and take your pelvis with you!” Join IMPACT Dance Company members, students from Canyon Concert Ballet and community members in a dynamic class setting as they explore Bejarano’s momentum-based technique. Guest teachers from the company teach this class as well.

This class is offered through Canyon Concert Ballet. Visit for more information on the many classes they offer!

Beautiful Movers

@ Canyon Concert Ballet 

1031 Conifer St.

Fort Collins, CO 80524

Friday's from ( 9:30 - 10:45am )

Beautiful Movers class will resume in January. Hope to see you there!


This class is perfect for you if you have had some experience and technical training and consider yourself at the Intermediate level.  It’s also for you if you are an adult and have been missing the emotional and physical connection that dancing brings to your life. You’ll be “enthusiastically challenged” in a relaxed and spirited environment.

Sessions vary contact us for information!



Every Voice Matters


Every Voice Matters (EVM) - IMPACT's Outreach Program uses writing, visual art and movement to help participants of all ages identify what is important to them and to give them a creative avenue to express their thoughts. Workshops are customized to fit into each program’s curriculum, drawing upon essays, poems and memoirs that participants have written as a jumping off point for art and dance. 

Additionally, part of IMPACT’s outreach mission is to equip educators with the skills to bring movement alive in their own classrooms. We provide the teachers with the tools they need to feel confident in their own movement, as well as in their ability to create movement opportunities throughout the day. We also share the EVM model with dance educators in yearly conferences.  



Through Parkinson's

@ Colorado State University (CSU)


Taught and coordinated by Founder, Lisa Morgan. MTP classes were developed for people with early-onset Parkinson’s Disease and those with the disease who are able to move and engage in a wider range of activity.  Through exercises and movement patterns, we work to improve balance, combat stiffness and rigidity, and improve coordination and spatial awareness.  Our goals are to build confidence to move with freedom and ease, acquire tools to use on a daily basis and build strength and endurance and, overall, to improve our well being as we interact, share and move together.




@ Colorado State University (CSU)

In partnership with Fashion Fundamentals - STEM Enrichment Program for Middle School Girls


Fashion FUNdamentals is open to girls entering 6th, 7th, and 8th grades in the fall. The program was developed by faculty in the Design and Merchandising Dept. at CSU. This program represents an innovative, technology-rich learning experience comprising technical and social programming.


IMPACT has presented  custom Every Voice Matters  workshops each year. We begin with a writing prompt, move to an art fashion project and finally develop movement statements to build self-esteem and a sense of community.  Most importantly we want to get the girls moving... they participate in engaging movement activities that build confidence and encourage creative expression.

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